Numenera: Marauder Kingdom

Northern Journey

Day 23: Evening

As Phaenna wrestled against Pixx, Lumos and Dahm woke to their own nightmares.

A dead Kareen ripped Lumos from his bed, taunting him and naming him murderer. Lumos fought for control and summoned his second self, who snapped the ghost’s neck. Kareen’s corpse crashed to the floor and evaporated into black smoke, her presence nothing more than mental apparition. The second Lumos whispered a riddle to him:

Sight by mind; touch by tongue; smell by fear. Run, run, run!

In his house, Dahm faced the margr who killed his childhood friend Anat. In his rage, he tore the weapon from the margr’s hand and readied to slay it when the abhuman spoke with a human’s voice, startling him. Black smoke rose off the figure, revealing Kaden.

Meanwhile, Phaenna knocked Pixx to the floor. Pixx cried out to her with tears in her eyes and dry blood around her mouth before vanishing into a similar black smoke as the other visions. The wounds on Phaenna’s cheek also disappearing.

Unsure of what to make of their visions, Dahm, Lumos, and Phaenna individually decided to keep their experiences a secret from the other Peers.

Day 24: Morning

The Peers awoke and went about their daily routines. Lumos, still shaken from the night before, was introduced to Keelin by Reina, while Phaenna and Garrus-Dorn journeyed to the Steel Monger and Mogo’s to have new weapons forged and old ones upgraded.

Choosing to spare Kaden once again, Dahm escorted the would-be-assassin out of Nihliesh. The soldier left, vowing to avenge his comrades.


Yoosha-Ni tracked down the Peers and summoned them to a council meeting in the Grand Spire. There, they confirmed the details of their trade mission to Aian. They would travel north to the Sadara River, where they’d encounter a smugglers’ cove and a ferryman who could take them to the city via boat. Bacchian informed them of an aldeia located in the same route, Gastera, which was rumoured to be home to a renowned healer named Strolrushi. Realising the need for a healer in Nihliesh since the death of Gayv-oreth, the Peers agreed to seek out Strolrushi and set out on their journey.

Day 27: Morning

Mounted on the espron given to them by Dissicaeli, the Peers rode north through the icy desert where they encountered an alarmingly giant slurge. The slug-like creature opened its mouth to reveal an old man with a long, slime covered beard, named Ranaan, who welcomed them to Gastera.


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