Numenera: Marauder Kingdom

A Time to Remember

Day 27

Atop a rocky spire, the Peers prepared for an ambush of thousands of chronal feeders. Above them the portal back to Gastera hummed with energy. Phaenna activated a cypher that formed into an air balloon with a gondola compartment capable of holding four people. Her plan was to use the balloon and return through the portal. There was only one problem — the chronal feeders surrounded them.

The Peers attacked, doing all they could to keep the horde at bay as the balloon began to rise. Lumos, Phaenna, Tzefira, and a near dead Twarog were chosen to enter the gondola, while the others kept the feeders distracted.

In the middle of battle, Strolrushi appeared over the side of the plateau mounted on a tamed feeder. Irritated the party followed him, the varjellen used his stronglass artefact to erect a force field around them and reversed time to heal their wounds. The shield gave the balloon enough time to enter the portal, with Lumos, Phaenna, Tzefira, and Twarog returning to Gastera and back into the sights of the chronal mother and her brood.

Phaenna and Tzefira launched a ranged assault on the giant feeder from the air balloon, now nestled against the organic ceiling of Gastera’s digestive tract. Fearing for those still in the other world, Lumos threw a rope down into the portal.

The chronal mother pierced her remaining pincer through the metal gondola, wounding Phaenna and almost killing Twarog. Lumos, who had let the rope slip, quickly caught it. In the other world, Strolrushi’s shield collapsed. Garrus-Dorn, Dahm, Reina, and the varjellen braced themselves against the horde, when they saw Lumos’s rope descend from the sky.

They raced up the rope, with Garrus-Dorn remaining at the bottom to hold off the feeders from following. In a bold move, the lattimor swung onto the rope and threw lit fuse grenades beneath him. The explosions decimated a dozen feeders and set the base of the rope ablaze, preventing the horde from ascending. The Peers and Strolrushi climbed through the portal, arriving in time to see Tzefira’s mind-slicing onslaught end the life of the chronal mother, the giant feeder’s body falling limp.

With their mother dead, the remaining chronal feeders retreated. The energy around the dimensional rift stabilised and Strolrushi retrieved the cause of the disruption without being caught in its wake a second time. With his hand, the varjellen took a ringed device held suspended in the air by time. Despite Gastera’s potent stomach acids, the slurge was unable to digest whatever strange numenera it had devoured.

Fascinated by his find, Strolrushi thanked the Peers for their service and offered them a chance to recover for the night at his home. They accepted.


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