Numenera: Marauder Kingdom

Other World


Day 27: Morning

The Peers unmounted and entered the giant slurge, beckoned in by the mayor Ranaan. Inside dozens of people went about their daily routines, walking up and down a main highway of slime, entering and leaving organic homes and shops. Ranaan directed to the Peers to the end of the highway, where Strolrushi dwelled alone.

In the bowels of Gastera, the Peers met with Strolrushi — a brisk, bad tempered varjellen — who seemed more concerned with Gastera’s health than their proposition to aid Nihliesh. Strolrushi monitored the slurge’s unnatural quivers, believing them to be a symptom of a numenera item he found caught in the slurge’s digestive tract, guarded by insect-like creatures known as chronal feeders. The party agreed to help the healer clear them out and followed him into the darkness of Gastera.

Twarog, too impatient to use the haphazard organic door of Strolrushi’s home, cut through the venom sac walls of the organ house. Venom sprayed over the mutant, burning him significantly as he rushed to help Strolrushi.

Deep within Gastera, the party encountered a nest of chronal feeders guarding a hovering metallic ring that emitted a warped portal.

Strolrushi began work on closing the portal while the Peers dealt with the great number of chronal feeders. Twarog, still affected by acid, grew weaker as the fight continued — his rolls of mutated fat burning off in clumps.

The portal grew to an alarming size, making way for a titanic chronal mother, a blanket of larvae on her back. The Peers distracted the chronal mother as Strolrushi charged into the portal, disappearing.

Dozens more feeders swarmed through the portal, surrounding the party. Overwhelmed, the Peers made way for the portal, hoping to escape the nest of feeders.

Twarog, severely burned and near death, was healed by Lumos and carried by him and his second self into the portal. Garrus-Dorn shouted for the rest of the party to run as he charged the chronal mother with two grenades in hand. Fire coated the titanic feeder as the grenades exploded within her mandibles, knocking Garrus-Dorn prone.

Tzefira helped Garrus to his feet and the two hurried through the portal behind the rest of the Peers. They exited through the other side, appearing in a dark world with a purple, stormy sky and an identical warp portal in the air above. The Peers stood atop a rocky spire, horrified at the sight below — thousands of chronal feeders ascending up the sides.


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