Numenera: Marauder Kingdom

A Broken City

Part II

Day 2: Morning

After a night’s sleep, the Peers continued south-east through wind and snow. In the distance, a bloody man in white furs ran towards them, screaming before vanishing into the sky. The young jack, Lumos, heard the terrible sound of wings beating in his head. Horrified, he shouted for the others to run and dashed ahead of them. Before they could react, a monstrous black carrion bird swept through the air and caught the nano, Tzefira, in its talons.

Garrus-Dorn turned and fired his cranked crossbow at the beast, clipping its wing. Injured, the bird dropped Tzefira to the ground and wildly thrashed its talons at the Peers. The comrades overwhelmed the beast and the Angulan Knight, Reina, felled the creature with her spear. Not wanting to let the meat go to waste, the mutant Twarog set his hooks into the dead bird and dragged it behind the group as they struggled to catch up to Lumos.

The Peers found the boy standing in front of a shanty built of mismatched metals with a leaning watchtower — Rafal’s home.

A heavy bolted door kept the house secure, prompting the Peers to knock first. They were surprised when a disassembler answered, greeting them in an unknown language of clicks and tones. Using his array of knowledge, Lumos was able to familiarise himself with the mechanical lifeform’s speech, prompting it to let them inside.

When asked about Rafal, the disassembler directed the Peers to a door that led to his workshop, warning them repeatedly that its master was not to be disturbed. Ignoring the warnings, Lumos devised a plan to infiltrate Rafal’s workshop without alerting the disassembler.

Much to the surprise of the other Peers, a second, naked Lumos with dark hair materialised outside of the machine’s vision. With the help of a light-footed Twarog, the dark haired Lumos sneaked into the workshop and discovered the corpse of Rafal at his workbench, with half his skull cleanly cut off. Meanwhile, the Peers watched as the disassembler showed apparent signs of instability.

Inside the workshop, the second Lumos searched through piles of salvaged parts to find the one the Peers needed to repair Nihliesh’s machinery. He eventually found the part, along with an old cloak to dress himself in, and a strange metal rod that made him sneeze when he held it. The noise alerted the disassembler, triggering it to attack the Peers.

Despite destroying Phaenna’s weapons and wounding Tzefira, the disassembler was defeated. Twarog’s hooks slashed into its wiring, dismantling it permanently.

Realising time was dwindling for Nihliesh, the Peers took the few valuable cyphers and oddities they could find in Rafal’s workshop and headed back to the city.


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