The Loyalists

The Loyalists are splintered groups whose motives vary but are tied to upholding the old ways of Nihliesh. They seek to usurp the Freedmen and return power to the Fahat. Groups known to be loyalists include:

The Fah Priesthood: Once akin to nobility, the Fah priests were second in eminence only to the Fahat. They lost most of their power during the formation of the Freedmen Republic.

The Three Serpents: Formerly a slave legion that fought on the side of the Fahat during the rebellion. After the republic was formed and the Fahat overthrown, most of its surviving members scattered. Its leader, Khorev, now operates in the Second Tier underworld.

The Fasaiph: The elite guard of the Fahat Citadel. They have sworn absolute fealty to the Fahat, and obey no other.

The Loyalists

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