The Fahat

The Fahat are the central figures of the Fah, a cult that worships mutations. Before the Slave Rebellion, they were the rulers of Nihliesh. Following the formation of the Freedmen Republic, the Fahat were stripped of authority and reduced to figureheads, although they retained the loyalty of many, including the Fah priests.

The current members of the Fahat are:

Mada-liviss: The oldest of the triad and former ruler of the Upper Tier. She is revered by the Fah as the ‘Mother of Nihliesh’.

Ni-chodoss: Former ruler of the Second Tier. Her network of telepathic spies, thieves, and assassins allows her exert a great deal of silent influence in the Upper Tier as well.

Gayv-oreth: Overseer of the Third Tier and an obscenely obese man with pustules that excrete healing liquid and poison. Among the Fahat, he is regarded as the most compassionate. He is the only one of the triad to retain some form of authority in his tier following the Slave Rebellion, after he surrendered to avoid bloodshed.

The Fahat

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