Angulan Knights

The Angulan Knights are a military order dedicated to the preservation of humanity and the destruction of mutants, abhumans, and their affiliates. The order is currently 800 members strong.

Created over 350 years ago by a human woman named Angule, the order is absolute in its beliefs and offers no quarter to non-humans, regardless of their moral alignment or position in society. The Angulans abhor local governments, class distinctions, and religious differences — they live only for the charter and its creed to advance mankind as a whole. The knighthood sees itself as the true protector of the world, called Midgard by Angule in the Angulan laws.

Around a century ago, the knights made a pact with the leader of the xi-drakes, Thuquera, to gain aid in ridding the world of mutants. Today, the knights and the xi-drakes work together in close bonds. The Angulan Knights also have the support of the Order of Truth in this cause, with the Aeon Priests endorsing much of the charter’s activities.

The Angulan Knights have no central leadership, but hold much respect for the Grand Knights — the highest ranking members of their order. Mostly, knights wander throughout the Steadfast on long missions, spreading the teachings of Angule. Their main keep is the Sanctuary of the Eye, located in Ledon, within the Sea Kingdom of Ghan.


Grand Knight
Lord Knight
Knight Consul
Master Knight
Knight Commander
Knight Justice
Knight Marshall
Knight Defender
Knight Avenger
Knight Seeker
Black Devotee
Blue Devotee
Red Devotee

Notable Knights

Grand Knight Jad the Hammer
Knight-Consul Umain

Angulan Knights

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