A resiliant Nano who rides the lightning


Age: maybe 22
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 116lb / 52.62 kg

Virtues: Polite, determined
Vices: Manipulative, secretive

Tier: 1
Effort: 1
Exp: 1

Might: 4
Edge: 0
Speed: 13
Edge: 0
Intellect: 15
Edge: 1

Numenera – T
Might defense – T
Intellect defense – T
Medium armour – T

Special abilities
Practiced with light weapons
Onslaught – with electricity (1 intellect)
Scan (2 intellect)
Shock (1 intellect)
Charge (1 intellect)

Cyphers (max. 3)

  • Catseye (lvl 2) – Pill/liquid {Interal} / Injector {Usable}
    Grants the ability to see in the dark for 8 hours
  • Instant Servant (lvl 4) – Handheld device
    Small device expands into a humanoid automaton that is roughly 2 feet (0.6 m) tall. It is a creature equal to the cypher level and can understand the verbal commands of the character who activates it. Once ctivated, commanding the servant is not an action. It can make attacks or perform actions as ordered to thebest of its abilities, but it cannot speak. The automaton has short-range movement but never goes farther than long range away from the characterwho activated it. At the GM’s discretion, the servant might have specialized knowledge, such as how tooperate a particular device. Otherwise, it has no special knowledge. In any case, the servant is not artificially intelligent or capable of initiating action. It does only as commanded. The servant operates for one hour per cypher level.
  • Skill Boost (lvl 2) – Pill/liquid {Interal} / Injector {Usable}
    __ Dramatically but temporarily alters the user’s mind and body so she can perform one specific physical action with the difficulty decreased by three steps. Once activated, this boost can be used a number of times equal to the cypher’s level, but only within a 28-hour period. The boost takes effect each time the action is performed, so a level 3 cypher boosts the first three times that action is attempted. The action can be one of a number of possibilities:_
    01 – 15: Melee attack
    16 – 30: Ranged attack
    31 – 40: Speed defense
    41 – 50: Might defense
    51 – 60: Intellect defense
    61 – 68: Jumping
    69 – 76: Climbing
    77 – 84: Running
    85 – 92: Swimming
    93 – 94: Sneaking
    95 -96: Balancing
    97 – 98: Perceiving
    99: Carrying
    00: Escaping

Artefacts & oddities

  • A blob of clay that takes on various mysterious shapes when left alone (O)

Whip (2 damage)

Clothes – fitted
Book on Numenera
Book on armour
- 23 rations
Brigandine armour – wearing (2 armour)

Shins: 21


Tzefira was born as the 8th child in a not very well-off family. Her mother struggled to care for all of her children while having but a simple shop job. Though Tzefira’s siblings were very much loving, her mother was not. As there was no father figure in their lives, the children were unprotected by an adult other than their mother. As the children grew older and required more things, Tzefira’s mother began to realise her mistake of sleeping with men to find some form of enjoyment in her dull life. Tzefira was not the first child to be sold, and it is unlikely she was the last in her family. She was only at the age of five when one of her older brothers was sold; she did not understand at the time, obviously, and paid little attention to the aged man who took him away. It wasn’t until he came back a year later for her that she understood that neither her nor her brother would ever return.

Tzefira’s owner named her Six – the price at which he was intending to sell her when he “trained” her. Her previous name was forgotten, and she became just another slave amongst many. Tzefira was under the control of the slave trader until she reached the age of twelve. She was sold to a man by the name of Va-hima, the Master of Legion. Because of her young age, another slave who was owned by Va-hima decided to take Tzefira into her unofficial care. Syena, the slave woman, tried to protect Tzefira when she could, though both were regularly injured from their owner’s harsh beatings. However, when the beatings got to the point of killing Syena, Tzefira refused to allow herself to be enslaved anymore. She was deeply hurt by the death of her closest friend, and so assisted Dhaval to find her own sense of relief. She felt no sense of guilt as she lead Syena’s love through the hidden doors into Dhaval’s chambers, nor did she when she took Va-hima’s whip which had been hung proudly on the wall.

In the beginning of the rebellion, Tzefira hadn’t even thought about which side she was going to choose. She vowed her loyalty to Dhaval in honour of her friendship with Syena, and began her stand against slavery.


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