Reina Meir

An Honourable Glaive who Lives on the Road



Tier: 1
Effort: 1
Exp: 3

Might: 0/19
Edge: 1

Speed: 5/13
Edge: 1

Intellect: 12/12
Edge: 0

Armour: 2


Pleasant Interactions – T
Truth Seeker – T
Swimming – T

Special Abilities

Thrust (1 Might)
Bash (1 Might)
Multilingual (Matheuni)
Practised w/ Armour
Practised w/ All Weapons


Memory Lenses
Level: 2
Wearable: Contact lenses, eyeglasses, or goggles
Effect: Allows the wearer to mentally record everything she sees for thirty seconds and store the recording permanently in her long-term memory. This cypher is useful for watching someone pick a specific lock, enter a complex code, or do something else that happens quickly.

Intellect Enhancement
Level: 7
Internal: Pill, ingestible liquid
Wearable: Adhesive patch that activates when slapped
Usable: Injector
Effect: Substance adds 1 to Intellect Edge for one hour.

Artifacts & Oddities

A leather mask that, when worn, causes you to hear meaningless voices in your head.


Explorer’s Pack

Rope (50ft)
Rations (23 days)
Spikes (3)
Warm Clothes
Sturdy Boots
Torches (3)
Glowglobes (4)
Clothes (2)
Brigandine (2 Armour)
Shins: -10
Leather Armour (2)
Brass Helm (2)


Spear (4 damage)
Shield (Asset for Speed defence – reduces difficulty by one step)

Extra Stats


- Naive
- Vain
- Impatient


- Gregarious
- Courageous
- Empathic

Age – 23 (Left Ghan at age 20)
Height – 5’2" (147 cm)
Weight – ~132 lbs (~60 kg)

She has hazel eyes, a medium complexion, and wavy dark brown hair neatly braided. She is short, quite muscular and her duty attire is a heavily-banded brigandine in a deep red, with white cloth. She wears an Angulan Knight sigil as her buckle. Crispy.

Companion – Keelin Unox; 15 year-old Angulan Knight (Red Devotee)
Metalweave Vest


I remember the rolling hills and seasides of Ghan fondly. My home was just west of the Scarred Monoliths; it was a small farming commune where we raised gallen and crops like most others. In my spare time I would lay back in awe watching the humanoid structures pass by. The village children were usually divided in their future plans. Some of us wanted to continue the family farm, others wanted to move to the City of Bridges – but I bet you can guess what I wanted. In my mind, the Angulan Knights were protectors of the innocent, guardians of justice and purveyors of the right. I wanted to be apart of that.

By the time I had matured to an adult, I could proudly rank myself amongst the Angulan Knights. It was hard work at first, but I quickly found myself surprised with my ability in combat. Many of my peers became my friends, having similar aspirations as myself; there was justice that severely needed to be meted in the Ninth World. Obnoxious, you’d think, coming from children who’ve never seen war and the ugliness of the kingdoms passed our borders. Ghan was idyllic, if nothing else. Even so, some of my peers held such hatred for the non-human races it seemed beyond justice and closer to corruption.

As such, the Order sends her knights away once their time of training has ended. My soft heart had made me quite the reputation – for the worse mind you – and I was assigned to none other than the Beyond. The Grand Knight in charge of me decided it was best. Here I would see the mutated masses and their depravity with my own eyes, for my own good. He assured me that once I was here – on these barren plains – I would cut them down without hesitation. How wrong he was.

Spirit of Angule guide me.
– Reina Meir, Angulan Knight

Reina Meir

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