Naive Nano who Stands Like a Bastion & Masters Weaponry



Tier: 2
Effort: 1
Exp: 0

Might: 12
Edge: 0

Speed: 10
Edge: 0

Intellect: 16
Edge: 1

Armour: 3


Height: 5’10
Weight: 143lb/65kg
Virtue: Courageous
Vice: Addiction – Heavy Smoker
Missing left hand.


Intellect Defence – T
Resist Temptation – T
Perception – T
Seeing through Deception – T
Numenera – T
Use of Esoteries – T
Reading/Writing – T

Special Abilities

Practiced in Light Weapon
Experienced Defender
Practiced in Armour


Strength Booster:
Level 6
Substance adds 1 to Might Edge for one hour.

Sidestep Portal:
Level 2
The user steps sideways and
disappears into an extra dimensional space, where she can remain for as long as she wishes. The space is an empty void of pale grey light in which the user floats. She can
perceive nothing outside this space, and nothing outside it can perceive her. She experiences the passage of time and may act normally while in the space, though it cannot
connect to the data sphere or interact with the world outside in any way. When the user emerges from the space, she returns to the spot she left or an open space nearest to that spot, and the extra dimensional space vanishes. Anything left in the space is lost.

X-ray Extractor:
Level 10
Usable: Glass panel with selection of dials
Effect: When held up against a solid surface, this panel allows the user to see through up to 2 feet (0.6 m) of material. The selection of dials allows him to discriminate between various items within the material, permitting him to see buried objects, supports in walls, or organs in a body. A successful difficulty 4 Intellect roll vaporizes a visualized discrete object or a portion of it. An unsuccessful roll disintegrates a random chunk of material, gouging a hole in the solid surface. The device operates for one minute, and it works only if the cypher’s level is higher than the material’s level.

Artifacts & Oddities

Goggles that allow you to see perfectly through steam or smoke
Small, warm metal blade that gives a very close shave

Small, warm metal blade that gives a very close shave

A cloak made of Chronal Feeder skin that shows a reflection of an hour in the past.

Kill Dart Projector
Level: 2
Form: A small handheld device with a narrow
Effect: This device projects a tiny dart made of glowing metal up to long range. the dart inflicts 1 point of damage and then saturates the target with radiation. The target takes 1 point of ambient damage each round, and the difficulty of all tasks it performs is modified by one step to its detriment. If the target removes the dart, the effect ends after 28 hours.


Adamantsilk Dress
Leather Jerkin
Book of Numenera
Kite Shield (heavier than a buckler)
9 Cigarettes
5 Matchsticks
18 Rations
2 Small containers
Much Chronal Chitin

Shins: 14

High Quality Needle (-1/ 3) (At steel mongers)
Margyr Warhammer (0 / 6)
Dagger (-1/ 2)


When your stats improve or you learn new skills, it’s because you have mastered another new technique that taps into the secret world. When you gain a new esotery, it’s the result of long hours of study and practice in using your mysterious lore.

Born into slavery Phaenna was a blood sister alongside Dhaval. Using her esoteries and her skill with a blade to help them survive while gaining his friendship. When he became the leader of Nihliesh she was appointed the role of one of his peers to which she holds with gratitude. After becoming a peer of Dhaval, Phaenna had many a relationship but none quite as solid as the one with Pixx, a slender 24 year old woman who tended to the wounds of the slaves. The relationship blossomed and they shared many a night in Nihliesh’ hold. The relationship turned sour when Pixx found out that Phaenna would be going into dangerous territory for Dhaval.


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