Lord Myallatur

General of the Pytharon Empire


Myallatur was the lord of Rathscor and general of the Pytharon Empire. He was the secret lover of Empress Challadien III, though lacked the title and rank to marry her. Myallatur hoped to gain status by conquering Nihliesh and using it as a foothold to expand the empire to the southern Beyond.

He is the title character of the Myallatur short story.

Marauders Kingdom

Hoping to take advantage of Nihliesh’s chaotic state following Dhaval’s rebellion, Myallatur led an army to take the city-state unaware.

Dhaval and his Peers organised their forces in time to fend off Myallatur’s siege. Pytharon’s forces almost saw Nihliesh conquered, but the general was assassinated by the assailant Khorev before his forces could prevail.

Myallatur’s body was sent back to Empress Challadien III by Dhaval as a sign of respect for the general.

Lord Myallatur

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