A Lattimor jack who focuses two personalities & carries a quiver



Height: 7’1"
Weight: 497lb (~225kg)
Age: 27

Tier: 1
Effort: 1
Exp: 3

Might: 15
Edge: 0

Speed: 15
Edge: 1

Intellect: 10
Edge: 0

Armour: 0

Special Abilities

Greater Fugue State
Easier Change
Changing State
Flex Skill
Practiced with Light and Medium Weapons
Pierce (1 speed)
Hedge Magic (1 intellect)


Artifacts & Oddities

Oddity: An oddly shaped plastic box with a button on one side that, when depressed, causes a random word in the viewer’s language to appear in a tiny display.

Oddity: Lenses that tint everything pink.

Oddity: A monocle that shows different coloured auras around people depending on the time of day they were born.

Oddity: Unknown musical instrument that plays only soft, unpleasant sounds.

Hover Belt
Level: 3
Form: Odd-fitting metallic mesh belt that has a metal box attachment with dial controls.
Effect: The wearer can float up into the air or back down again at a rate of 20 feet (6.1 m) per round. Using the complex controls, the wearer can move horizontally at a much slower pace (5 feet [1.5 m] per round) in a much less stable or controlled trajectory. The belt works for ten minutes per use.
Depletion: 1 in 1d20


Explorer’s Pack
~ Rope (45ft)
~ Rations (12 days)
~ Hammer
~ Warm Clothes
~ Sturdy Boots
~ Torch (2)
~ Minor Glowglobe (2)
Pack of Light Tools
~ Pliers
~ Screwdriver
~ String (10ft)
~ Small Pouch of Assorted Screws and Nails
Pack of Heavy Tools
~ Hammer
~ Large Tongs
~ Crowbar
~ Chisel
23 Shins

Crossbow (28 bolts)


Initiative ~ T
Speed Defense ~ T

Bursk State

Crossbow ~ T
Breaking ~ T
Perception ~ T
Lore ~ I (1 step)
Knowledge ~ I (1 step)
Understanding ~ I (1 step)
Pleasant Social Interaction ~ I (1 step)
Concentration ~ I (1 step)
Study ~ I (1 step)
Esoteries ~ I (1 step)

Virtue: Patient
Vice: Unforgiving, Merciless

Neem State

Interaction with others ~ T
Study ~ T
Contemplation ~ T
Concentration ~ T
Esoteries ~ T
Unexpected events ~ I (1 step)
Combat ~ I (1 step)

Virtue: Tactful
Vice: Selfish

Fugue State

Perception ~ T
Breaking ~ T
Social Interaction ~ T

Virtue: Patient, Tactful
Vice: Selfish, Unforgiving, Merciless


Born into a small colony, Garrus remembers little of his life before his symbiotic fusion with Dorn — his Neem counterpart — and subsequent induction into the slave legions of Nihliesh. Garrus-Dorn took on the role of pack mule due to his kinds’ immense size and physical strength. During his time serving the legions, the Lattimor met Dhaval, Phaenna and many other slaves. Dhaval took a shine to Garrus-Dorn when he realised that his ability to control both aspects of his personality far outshone the other Lattimor slaves (few as they were). When time came for the uprising, he was among the first to be recruited and gladly ended his servitude by putting a crossbow bolt through the one that had captured him in the first place; revenge for his own imprisonment and the wholesale slaughter of a dear friend he had come to know during his internment, Arieh: a name he made sure the slave master heard before he left this world.

For his service in the slave rebellion, Dhaval invited Garrus-Dorn to become one of his ‘Peers’; a group of Dhaval’s most trusted cohorts.


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