The Grey Queen


Level – 10 (30)
Motive – Amassing power
Health – 66
Damage Inflicted – 12 Points
Armour – 4
Movement – Short

Modification – Social interactions as level 8

Combat – A warrior from the time she could stand, Dissicaeli’s combat prowess is unmatched. She carries a broadsword and a short sword, and in melee she is a whirlwind who attacks every foe in immediate range as a single action every round. At range, she uses an almost silent projectile weapon with a vision-enhancing display that fires magnetically propelled, electronically guided rounds of hyperdense material. From a half mile (0.8 km) away, she can hit a target for 15 points of damage and move him one step down the damage track.

She rides a biomechanical beast that appears to be unique in the Ninth World. This four-legged,carnivorous, mammal-like reptile is level 8, has 50 points of health, and has a bite that inflicts 10 points of damage. When Dissicaeli is on her mount, the creature can move up to a long distance and she can act (with no penalty), or the creature can move up to a short distance and still take a normal action (such as bite) while Dissicaeli acts (with no penalty).

Interaction – Dissicaeli is imperious and confident but not foolishly arrogant. She is incredibly intelligent, supremely manipulative, and quick to surprise others as she sees through them, anticipates their agenda, and manipulates the conversation to her advantage all in the blink of an eye.

Use – Dissicaeli is a warlord, a grand archvillain, or a powerful ally. She is ambitious, vengeful, and merciless, but she is not sadistic or cruel. In fact, her soldiers and servants follow her not out of fear but adoration, for she is judicious and prudent. The fact that she is not generous, forgiving, or kind matters less. (They also like that in battle, she leads her troops from the front, not the rear, and isn’t afraid to do things for herself.)

Loot – Aside from her weapons described above, Dissicaeli likely possesses 1d100 shins, 1d6 + 3 cyphers, and 1d6 + 1 artifacts at any given time.


For years, the woman known as Dissicaeli was called the Bandit Queen or the Grey Queen. Her reign of terror throughout the Pytharon Empire was second only to her acquisition of vast wealth and power. But eventually she set her sights higher. She wanted real power. Raiding and conquering with her small army is just a means to an end. The ancients, she believes, held true power: immortality, the shaping of the world, and mastery of reality itself. These are the things that would slake her otherwise boundless thirsts. To this end, she sends her agents and researchers across the world to gather information, knowledge, and numenera devices. She rewards those who serve her well handsomely, and she punishes those who fail or betray her swiftly and severely.

Dissicaeli is her own master, free of ties and obligations to anyone. When she discovers
the secrets of the universe, they will be hers alone.

Marauder Kingdom

Dissicaeli is the warlord of the Grey Legion — an army of brigands and exiles.

She was born a slave to a powerful lord in the Pytharon Empire. At a young age Dissicaeli was abused and raped, until she fell pregnant with the lord’s bastard child. Rather than live a wretched life, she used a kitchen knife to cut open her stomach, intent on killing her and the baby. She was found by servants and saved by the lord, who admired her resolve. Dissicaeli’s stomach was sown together and healed, and when her health was restored the lord sold her to the Sisters of Iron — a cult of warrior women.

In their monastery she suffered tenfold what she had in Pytharon, yet she grew strong. Using ancient methods and the numenera, the Sisters augmented Dissicaeli’s body, turning her bones to black steel and giving her reflexes beyond any ordinary human. In time she became the fastest, strongest, and most ambitious among the Sisters, craving power in the form of numenera. Her Sisters did not share her goals, and so she killed them all to prevent rivals. Her reputation grew and flocks of brigands, outcasts, and renown warriors joined her. Together, the so-called ‘Grey Legion’ ventured across the fringes of the Beyond, growing in number each day until they returned to where it all began to finish what was started many years ago.


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