Dhaval of the Eagle

Leader of the Freedmen


Level – 7 (21)
Motive – To revolutionise Nihliesh into a free and prosperous city
Health – 25
Damage Inflicted – 10 points
Armour – 3
Movement – Short

Modification – Resists mental attacks as level 8

Combat – Dhaval is an experienced warrior and has fought many terrible foes. His life as a slave hardened his mental constitution, making him a threat for glaives and nanos alike. Dhaval is an honourable fighter and won’t resort to trickery to win. Surrender is never an option for the veteran, though he is reasonable and will allow his opponent to yield.

Interaction – Having been a slave most his life, Dhaval is compassionate towards the helpless. He is a pragmatic leader and understands the burden of rule must be shared with loyal, capable companions.

Use – Dhaval is leader of the Freedmen of Nihliesh

Loot – ?


Dhaval was born a slave in Nihliesh. For thirty-two years he served abusive masters and bowed to fanatic priests. Under the Master of Legions’ golden whip he marched across the Cold Desert, spilling blood to protect the interests of those who treated him and his fellow slaves like fodder.

That changed the day his master, Va-hima, killed the love of his life in a fit of unwarranted rage.

Dhaval showed the Master of Legions no mercy, and with his sword still wet with blood, led a slave rebellion that toppled Nihliesh’s oppressive rulers, the Fahat.

At the start of his revolution, Dhaval chose to honour his love by taking her name as a mark of freedom. And so he became Dhaval Syena, leader of the freedmen and first among peers.

Dhaval of the Eagle

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