A tough Glaive who masters weaponry & wields 2 weapons at once



Tier: 1
Effort: 1

Might: 19
Edge: 1

Speed: 11
Edge: 0

Intellect: 10
Edge: 0

21 years old.
Weight: 165 lbs (75kg)
Height: 5’11
Virtue: loyal & merciful
Vice: Prideful & mistrustful of ab-humans
Scars: Large slice across chest from Rrogan, Burn scars on chest and hands
Armour: 4


Might Defense-T

Special Abilities

Thrust (1 Might)
Practiced in Armour
Weapon Master-adds 1 dmg to a weapon of your choice
Surging confidence


Artifacts & Oddities

(O) A leather belt with metal plates that glow faintly with light


Armour (Gold scale armor)
Explorer’s Pack
– Rope (50ft)
– Rations (26 days)
– Spikes (2)
– Hammer
– Warm Clothes
– Sturdy Boots
– Torches (2)
– Glowglobes (2)
-Gold helm
Shins: 0


Broadsword (5 damage) X 2
Forearm blade (2 damage)


Dahm hails from Guran. He lived as a farmers child, and his first friend was a young girl his age named Anat. However, Anat was killed by the Margr group that lived around that area, and attacked frequently, and her parents blamed him for her death. Out of shame, Dahm fled Guran and arrived in Nihliesh, where he found an underground fighting pit, and quickly made a name, and a living, for himself as a fighter.

After many years of fighting he had earned the nickname “the Crimson Blade” as after every fight, his sword would always be drenched in the blood of his opponent. His prowess for fighting and his reputation as an underground fighter (which spread quite far outside the city) caught the attention of a man named Dhaval who said he could use a man like Dahm, and offered him a job as his personal bodyguard.

Dahm is quite cool and quiet; not learning many social graces, growing up in the fighting pits, but was exceptional at fighting and killing. Living in the pits was still no option as a free man, eventually making him end up a slave. He is also honorable, as he refused to kill a young boy tossed into the arena against his will, while receiving both the beating from his own master, as well as the boys. He is also not without a conscience and has spent many a sleepless night seeing the faces of those he has killed. He is loyal to a fault, yet has a hard time accepting people as a friend, but respects strength. He is a proud warrior and takes much pride in his skill with the sword, even so far as to become spiteful to people who doubt him.

The parents of Anat, Baraq and his wife Atara, are still alive and living still in Guran. They have since had another child, another daughter whom they have named Levanah. They haven’t thought about the death of Anat in quite a long time, but if a chance encounter was to happen with a face from the past, it is unlikely they will be forgiving. He however still feels extremely guilty and would do anything to have them forgive him


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