Bacchian Shir

Owner of the Madya Cantina


Level – 5 (15)
Motive – To aid the Freedmen and Nihliesh
Health – 15
Damage Inflicted – 2 Points
Armour – 0
Movement – Short

Modification – Level 7 in matters of commerce; Combat at level 3

Combat – Bacchian is a poor fighter, but wields a dagger in case of a hairy situation.

Interaction – Bacchian is jolly and generous, and has no prejudices and bases an individual on their actions, not their physical attributes. Despite helping the slave rebellion, he doesn’t hate the Fahat, or in extension mutants, but denounces their religion as tyranny.

Use – Bacchian is an ally of the Peers and a key source of rumours

Loot – ?


Bacchian Shir

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