Numenera: Marauder Kingdom

Grush at the Gate


Day 20: Afternoon

The grush stormed the gate with a unit of soldiers and archers to reinforce them. Reina defended the gate, and Twarog, Phaenna, and Dahm flanked the enemies from behind. Garrus-Dorn and Tzefira found their way to the ground and joined Lumos in aiding Reina with archery fire.

The Peers fought hard and defeated the enemy assault unit with the support of Captain Firdos and his Blackbird archers. Reina took hold of the Thunder Cannon artefact, and with the help of Lumos, rushed to the forward line to use it against the enemy.

At the head of the legion, Captain Umar clashed with the enemy commander — a man clad in gold scaled armour and wielding a staff that spewed fire. Umar’s fur cloak caught alight, flames burning his face and arm. Fatally wounded, the captain was dragged to safety by his men while the Peers fought to keep the line.

Siege missiles rained down on Nihliesh, destroying portions of the Second Tier and knocking Dhaval’s mounted trebuchet off the side of the Third Tier, sending it plummeting to the battlefield and triggering unstable incendiary powders.

The trebuchet hit the ground with an explosion. Dahm, Tzefira, and Garrus-Dorn leapt in time to avoid the impact, but the others Peers were not as fast. The trio fought through fire and rescued their comrades and the Thunder Cannon, though Reina’s burns were severe.

They were being overwhelmed. The Peers fell back with Umar’s legion to the metal palisade. Captain Henna charged with her spear unit to allow Umar’s men time to recover.

The Peers recuperated in the safety of the palisade, where they were met by Commander Galia Ezrek, and her reinforcements. After learning the status of Umar, Galia took command of the Earthshaker Sons and led a second assault alongside Henna’s Snow Quebs.

Reina, too injured to fight, remained at base to be treated by the crude battle medics.

Galia and the Peers took point with the vanguard, smashing into the enemy legion — whose strength and numbers were waning. They again came upon the Golden Commander and his circle of guard.

Keen to avenge Umar, the Peers charged.


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