Numenera: Marauder Kingdom

Cost of War


Day 20: Evening

The Peers found the Golden Commander to be a swift-footed, skilled warrior. After a lengthy fight, Lumos landed a bolt through the commander’s throat — forcing him to choke and die on his own blood.

With their commander dead, the enemy legion routed. Night fell over the land and the Pytharon forces withdrew. Nihliesh had survived a day of siege at great loss — and there were more days to come.

Dhaval and the council met with the Peers and Commander Galia Ezrek at the war camp to discuss battle tactics. Justiciar Isak Hashem suggested turning prisoners into a militia to act as cannon fodder to spare their legions the brunt of the Pytharon artillery. Yoosha Ni suggested assassinating the Pytharon general, Lord Myallatur, bypassing the army entirely. The Peers agreed and Galia suggested Khorev — Gayv-oreth’s assassin — be sent to do the deed in exchange for his life and freedom.

To increase Khorev’s chances of success, the Peers and council approved of Ni-chodoss hiring skilled assassins to aid him — a cost the council would be indebted to.

In the night, Khorev and his team of assassins infiltrated the Pytharon camp and killed Myallatur.

Day 21: Morning

As the sun rose, the Pytharon camp woke in panic and retreated en masse. One of the assassins were slain in the chaos, but Khorev escaped with Myallatur’s corpse in tow as proof of his success.

The Pytharon legions raised white banners and marched north to the border. Isak advised raining trebuchet and ballistae missiles on them to maximise enemy casualties. Dhaval reluctantly agreed; a decision that divided the Peers.

Artillery fire tore through the withdrawing legions. Soldiers routed and scattered across the Cold Desert, leaving hundreds of their fallen comrades behind. Dhaval ordered the dead men buried and made preparations for Myallatur’s body to be preserved and sent to Empress Challadien III in Pytharon, out of respect.

Nihliesh had won…

…For now.


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