Numenera: Marauder Kingdom

A New Dawn


Day 22

The Peers spent the day recuperating from their wounds.

Day 23: Morning

Captain Henna – accompanied by a cohort of soldiers – woke the Peers and escorted them to the Overlook; Phaenna would meet justice for her crimes, and Twarog and Lumos would be officially named into the Fah hierarchy. Freedmen and loyalists alike stared as the Peers made their way to the Overlook, where Dhaval and the council waited atop a platform.

Phaenna’s punishment was first. She placed her forearm on a wooden block and screamed when Commander Galia Ezrek’s sword took her hand. Medics cauterised her wound and washed the blood off the platform as the council prepared Lumos’s inauguration as High Priest of the Fah.

Mada-liviss, the central figure of the Fahat and former ruler of the First Tier, arrived dressed in her ceremonial regalia. With Ni-chodoss witnessing the event from her throne in the crowd, Mada-liviss spoke the ancient words of Nihliesh’s founders and kissed Lumos’s forehead. Justiciar Isak Hashem draped the holy robes over his son and proclaimed him high priest. But that didn’t conclude the ceremonies.

Twarog was named a brother of the Fahat by Mada-liviss, who proceeded to kiss the mutant on the lips and gifted him with a piece of her crystalline crown as a symbol of patronage. With this, Twarog was the ceremonious ruler of the Third Tier.

Following the ceremonies, the Peers separated and began helping Nihliesh recover from its battle with the Pytharon Empire.


Tzefira and Reina entered the Lower Plaza in the Second Tier to assess the structural damage caused by trebuchet fire, but were halted by grush guards. The Lower Plaza and its surrounding areas were under the authority of Ni-chodoss, as per Dhaval’s agreement. The Peers and the freedmen no longer had free access.

Reina advised Tzefira they should turn back to avoid unnecessary conflict, but the pair were alerted by a commotion behind the sentry line. Tzefira took out her golden whip and charged it with shrieking electricity. The grush withdrew, fearing the powers of the ‘witch’ and allowed them to pass.

In the Lower Plaza, an armoured teenage girl with a cloak emblazoned with the symbol of the Angulan charter raised her sword against a gang of mutants. Reina recognised her as Keelin Unox, a fellow red devotee.

Reina and Tzefira stopped the skirmish and took Keelin back to Freedmen territory.

Elsewhere, Dahm entered the Penitence Tower to find a prisoner of war he’d met on the battlefield among the Golden Commander’s bodyguards. Against the warden’s objections, he freed the Pytharon soldier and agreed to help him survive in Nihliesh as a kind of recompense for the dishonourable slaughter of the Pytharon forces. With no other option, the soldier agreed.

The two entered the blacksmith where they encountered Lumos, who had just come from the Gravitas. Dahm introduced the soldier, who revealed his name to be Kaden. After buying equipment, Dahm and Kaden left to visit Bacchian’s cantina. There they ran into the rest of the Peers drinking and dining, absent Twarog who was bathing in his new Underwatch residence.

The Peers discussed matters of trade with Bacchian. He mentioned an influential tradeswoman in Milave, named Sybil, who expressed interest in their crates of devilweed. The Peers agreed to travel to the city of Aian to meet her and establish a trade agreement.


During the night, as the Peers slept in their homes, Phaenna awoke bound in her bed. A mysterious figure coated her face in sauces and chewed her cheek. She wriggled free of her bonds and charged the figure, but was thrown backwards.

In the glimmer of glowglobe light, Phaenna recognised the face of her ex-lover, Pixx.


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