’You’re my council,’ said Dhaval. He stood before a table of eight individuals. ’You’ve fought by my side through the rebellion, helped free our brothers and sisters from the oppressive Fahat.’

He leaned forward and rested his hands on the table, his heavy gaze on them.

‘Now I need your help again. Nihliesh must be rebuilt, and I cannot do it alone. Will you stand with me once more, as loyal councillors, as peers?’

South of the Steadfast, in the Cold Desert of Matheunis a slave uprising led by Dhaval has brought revolution to the city-state of Nihliesh. The spiritual and temporal rulers of the city, the Fahat, have been brought to heel by their former slaves. Dhaval now holds political power with his circle of commanders, known as the Peers, who work together to make Nihliesh a free state.

Numenera: Marauder Kingdom

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